2021 MANRRS Ambassador FORM

MANRRS Ambassador Program

The National Society of MANRRS is excited to launch a new initiative- the MANRRS Ambassadors. This initiative will provide undergraduate and graduate student leaders the opportunity to actively promote MANRRS to stakeholders on university campuses and beyond through novel interactions throughout the year!
  • Ambassador swag box with MANRRS attire
  • MANRRS Scholarship -$250
  • Support of MANRRS approved travel
  • Premier access to and engagement with prospective employers
  • Premier access to and engagement with graduate programs and awards
  • Exclusive  Networking Opportunities with other students and ag professionals
  • Get real-life professional development, mentoring, and work experience
  • Opportunities to develop communication, public speaking, organizational, and problem-solving skills
Applicants must demonstrate leadership and academic excellence and meet the following requirements:
  • Be a member of MANRRS for a minimum of 1 year
  • Must have a 2.5 GPA
Responsibilities and Expectations
  • Represent MANRRS at events, promoting a positive image of the National Society
  • Be familiar with the MANRRS governing documents 
  • Promote and participate in MANRRS activities 
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings and training as mandated by the position 
  • Work with the National Publication Committee to promote the organization
  • Maintain active social media presence (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc) on behalf of the National Society
  • Other duties as assigned
Complete the form here and upload the required documents. Please note that of the two letters of support, one letter must come from your MANRRS Chapter Advisor. Students are strongly encouraged to allow your advisor to approve your packet prior to submitting it. You will receive a confirmation message once your entry has been successfully submitted.
Send any questions to the National Program Manager: Mr. Dwane Matthews - dwane.matthews@manrrs.org

AMbassadors have been selected for 2021-2022