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Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS): Your Opportunity to Spark Connections, Build Your Career, and Make a Difference for the Future of Your Industry.

Some of our benefits are intangible - the relationships you’ll build often last a lifetime. But we can also provide you with opportunities to connect within your industry and have access to spectacular events and educational opportunities – all within an inclusive environment that helps you grow your career pathway.

MANRRS Collegiate Chapters consist of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled full-time in an accredited educational institution and/or program leading to the award of an associate, undergraduate, or graduate degree.

How can you be part of the inclusive voice that promotes academic and professional advancement in your field?

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How to Get Started

1. Share Your Interest

To kickoff your MANRRS journey, fill out this quick form below. We'll send you more info that will help you make it happen!

2. Identify an Advisor

Each chapter needs a fearless supporter. Who is your favorite professor who’s always ready to engage and support your goals? That’s a great place to start.

3. Gather Advocates

Here’s where you need to build your internal team to make a plan. Each chapter will need a university advisor, officers, and by-laws. What students are the most involved in your department? They could be the trailblazers with you.


Adding “Founding member of MANRRS” to your future resume is such a flex. Besides that, you’re becoming part of something bigger – making future connections that can influence your career path, meeting other students from all over the country who share your passions, and so much more.

It really is simple to get started, and we’re here to help you with the resources you need along the way. Yes, you really can grow the future of your industry and be a trailblazer on your campus that can impact your classmates, department, and beyond.

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Starting something new is a challenge and an adventure. We're here to help you succeed.
member spotlight

Member Spotlight

Meet Nathaniel, who went from nervous to confident as a MANRRS member empowered to become a rodeo journalist in an industry where not many people look like him.

existing chapters


Check out the chapters that currently exist so that you can see what MANNRS is doing across the country. Feeling FOMO? We know – maybe it’s time you’re on the list!
our partners


MANNRS partners are national organizations in the industry who sponsor our initiatives, participate in our events, and post scholarship/internships/jobs for our members. Is that your future employer?
regional clusters


Chapters are broken into regions so that local members can learn, grow, and connect. Featuring a recruitment fair, competitions, mixers, and leadership development, these are a must-attend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join MANRRS?

MANRRS helps solve the issues of barriers to academic and professional advancement of historically excluded individuals by providing access and opportunity. With this foundation, it has grown into an inclusive community that empowers minorities and allies to build diversity in agriculture, natural resources and related sciences. The organization has the capability to impact students from their time in high school all the way through their college and post-graduation journeys. So, it can help YOU grow personally and professionally, make friends and mentors, and even develop your dream career.

Who is eligible to join MANRRS?

We welcome anyone interested in growing academically and professionally in the space of agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences. You don’t have to have any specific major or background to join. As the need for diverse and talented leaders increases to address 21st century global challenges, our goal is to amplify, support, and help develop the next generation of thought and change leaders. Our members range from:  

  • Academia, government, industry, and nonprofit 
  • Middle (7th - 8th grade) and high school to collegiate (undergrad and graduate) and professionals 
  • Majors from business, social sciences, animal and plant sciences, engineering, public health, education, and more!  
What are the expectations of a chapter board?

A full slate of officers includes: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Historian. Students may serve in more than one capacity. New chapters must have at least a President, one VP, and a Secretary or Secretary/Treasurer, and these offices must be held by three different individuals.  

Duties of officers are up to the discretion of your chapter. Other positions may be created based on your chapter’s interests and needs. Some chapters have developed an events and outreach coordinator, social media specialist, ad-hoc special committees for various initiatives, etc. 

What are the benefits or value of starting a chapter?

Benefits include access to the gated pages on the website (including jobs and internships board and Junior MANRRS and Collegiate resources), eligibility to MANRRS-specific scholarships and programs, and an interdisciplinary network that extends from academia and government to industry and nonprofits. 

Benefits for students: 

  • Expand network to build professional and personal connections  
  • Exclusive scholarships, jobs, and internships 
  • Exclusive experiential learning programs  
  • Webinars catered to your interests in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, professional development, and field-related topics 
  • Premiere recruitment events at the regional and national level to develop and showcase skills  

Benefits for advisors: 

  • Expand network of like-minded educators/advisors and opportunities for collaboration 
  • Connect classroom learning to real-world applications 
  • Exposure to partners for professional development and understanding of the industry  
  • Broader impacts and service 
  • Access resources for inclusive mentoring and teaching to support minority students  
Do student members need to pay a fee to join their chapter once established?

Student members affiliated with a chapter do not need to pay a fee to the National Office. Each chapter sets their own dues for their student members.  

Once your chapter application is approved, your school will appear in the dropdown menu on the register/renew page. Members can then register on that page to gain access to the member-exclusive webpages. Students affiliated with a chapter can select "pay offline" to bypass the payment.  

What is the process to become a chapter?
  • Complete the interest form. 
  • Submit a new chapter application form. 
  • After approval by the Executive Committee, you’ll be given a MANRRS chapter email address and info to manage your chapter. 
  • Register all students and members to access resources, programs, scholarships, and other opportunities.
How do I go about finding a chapter advisor?
  • Having an advisor from your school is essential for building stability and helping the organization build a strong foundation. Any currently employed full-time member of the university's faculty or staff chosen by the chapter's membership is eligible.  
  • Ideally, advisors are personable, energetic, and willing to serve for an extended period.  
What resources are available to me to help me become a successful chapter?
  • Support and communication from National Officers who represent the region your chapter is located in, as well as the National Office  
  • Bi-weekly MANRRS Monday Newsletter 
  • Quarterly meetings with guest speakers and mini workshops to develop chapter advisor and student executive teams  
  • Five Strategies for MANRRS Advisors article with evidence-based resources  
  • Marketing and Recruiting ToolKit  
  • Networking opportunities at regional and national conferences with other advisors and chapter leaders  
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We’re the voice for academic and professional advancement for minorities in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences. Advocate for a MANRRS chapter on your campus to build an inclusive environment that supports you and your goals!